Posted on November 19, 2018


CyPerson , Jul 11, Hi Chris, I have actually put this project on hold. Thanks for the post, I was able to get the NIC card working. Any ideas or suggestions would be greately appreciated. Hello slth, sorry for the delayed response. Maybe you will have better luck. Mar 25, Messages:

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Hello slth, sorry for the delayed response. As soon as I inserted Intel network card, all problems disappeared right away.

Drivers for ‘Realtek® 8111E , 1 x Gigabit LAN Controller’

As I read more about Samba, its single threaded and very much relies on the cpu. Also, let me just say taking this system from one set of hardware to another was a breeze!

Herc08 May 5, Jul 22, Messages: I’ve looked at manufactured NAS systems and they use 1. I’m in the process realtem downloading the latest release of freeNAS, I’ll keep you posted!


I was able to view the files in the Kernel directory. Herc08 May 5,1: Maybe I’m missing something. Feel free to keep the discussion alive, I may plug a few drives into this just to test it some more.

Problem with new drivers: Realtek F

This seems pretty fast to me! However, I was still unable to configure the network configuration.

Hey Chris, ZFS is fine, works great actually CIFS was terrible with this board Also did you try safe mode with networking? No, create an account now. I completed building the system and am reloading it now as I had major issues with 8.

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Is there a way to email reports from the FreeNAS system? Anyway, not trying to hijack your thread, really just interested in any makeshift benchmarks you have from your buildout.

Drivers for ‘Realtek® E , 1 x Gigabit LAN Controller’ – Windows 7

Discussion in ‘ Hardware ‘ started by CyPersonJul 8, CyPersonJul 8, I will try it first chance i get. I tried installing the driver posted in this message: I’d be interested to see what this can do with a RAID.


I ended up buying a intel nic and disabled the onboard F. CyPersonRraltek 17, Mar 25, Messages: I’m really interested in knowing if this board is up to the job of being a dedicated nas server. Maybe you will have better luck. I have a realtek F which is suppose to be supported in Freebsd 9.

May 28, Messages: Also, it depends on the router. May want to check out this one also: